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Inactive :(

Mon Oct 13, 2014, 9:37 AM
Hey guys!
I have had a lot happen recently that has been keeping me relentlessly busy.
Mostly just college lol. The freshman art program at my school is a lot of hard work and late nights. I love it, but I find myself not having time to log in anymore ): I can't believe this is the first time in a month. I want to apologize for yet another absence. I want to stay here on this site but real life keeps me very preoccupied. However I'll try to be on and answer messages, post something, and maybe write a journal every now and then.
I'm really behind on a big project due on wednesday and I really need to work on it, so I won't be answering messages right now. I want to thank karzii for the subscription, even tho I'm never here :( 
Until next time <3


Fine Lines by nikkilly
Fine Lines
I really needed/wanted to upload something. My OC art isn't nearly done yet and I have a ton of art sitting around waiting to be uploaded. It just sucks that all of my watchers expect something horse related...

I've thought about making a new account and starting over but I like this account and I dont feel like leaving it behind. Anyways guys, commissions are open (there's a journal and info is on my page) I know prices might seem steep, but I'm really poor ): We can always bargain too :D And remember, I can draw you stuff like this, not just horse stuff. I'm kinda sick of drawing just horses, ya know? You'll se my OC art here and there, but this kind of stuff will be more common nowadays. Thanks for looking!

Comments and Favorites are always loved!! :heart::love::kiss:

Commission Prices + Examples

Thu Jul 31, 2014, 6:31 PM
Hey all! My commissions have been open but I'm just making the announcement once again and this time with examples and about how much you would pay! Unfortunately points don't mean much to me so all commissions will be in real money. I apologize for those who would like to commission me but don't have money to spend :( If anyone is interested, read below for pricing & examples of my work! btw, I'm not only limited to horses! I can do pretty much anything you want!!!
I have this info on my page as well, but it's here for those who don't visit me often (: 
Also, does anyone know how to repeat an image in html format? I've tried looking it up and I can't figure it out! Dx<

Commissions Open Stamp by Mel-Rosey


Paintings: $50-$75 (depending on size and use of canvas or poster paper)

Examples: Blarney Castle by nikkilly

Colored Pencil Drawings: $25

Examples: The Middle Path by nikkilly Nocturnal by nikkilly Go In s a n e by nikkilly Ahead of Me by nikkilly

Graphite Drawings: $20

Examples: Waterfall of Tears by nikkilly Divine Equine by nikkilly

Traditional/Digital Drawings: $25 (Can vary depending on number of characters and detail of bg)

Examples: When The Sun Sets by nikkilly Every Single Second by nikkilly 25 to Life by nikkilly S p a c e C a d e t by nikkilly Save Regrets for the Broken by nikkilly

DIGITAL ART (prices vary with added characters)

Single character, no bg: $15

Examples: Valor WIP _CRITS PLEASE_ by nikkilly

Single character, simple bg: $25

Examples: Daredevil by nikkilly Casanova by nikkilly Follow My Voice by nikkilly Life Starts Now by nikkilly Little Demon by nikkilly

Single character, detailed bg: $35

Examples: Never The Same.. by nikkilly Another s t o r m, Another day by nikkilly Cya Later by nikkilly Water's Fall by nikkilly Open Up Your Mind To Me by nikkilly

Line Art: $10 (can vary depending on number of characters)

Examples: KnifexRev lines by nikkilly

Headshots: $15 (can vary depending on detail of bg)

Examples: Locked Inside of me so Deep by nikkilly Violent Butterflies by nikkilly Without You by nikkilly GoldDust by nikkilly A.l.i.v.e. by nikkilly

Chibis: $5

Examples: Aint Gona Let Love Get Us Down by nikkilly ... Deflowered by nikkilly NAAAW by nikkilly


Avatar (blinking): $5

Examples: Paint-Kiwi Avatar by nikkilly Gotcha To Myself by nikkilly Copperdragonart Avatar by nikkilly Featherwolf-Pluma Avatar by nikkilly Meelz Avatar by nikkilly

Avatar (moving mane): $10

Examples: Got Souls? by nikkilly Danger_Play by nikkilly .Strawberries. by nikkilly Warming Up My Mind by nikkilly .Broken Drum Strings. by nikkilly

Avatar (galloping): $15

Examples: Run through the Rain by nikkilly Running From Nightmares by nikkilly Zolby Avatar by nikkilly Those Sunny Days by nikkilly

Galloping Sequence: $15

Examples: The Galloping Gang by nikkilly

Note or message me if you are interested! I am not only limited to horses!!</u></u>

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